Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the order processing and the website?
The website is fully protected via a secure connection so that the data sent to the recipient can only be read by the recipient. Important information such as credit card numbers, personal details, etc. is sent to the recipient securely via the internet. You’ll see a padlock on the order processing page showing any information entered on this page is protected.
How long will my bed or mattress last?
Usually an average priced bed will last 7-9 years.
Do you take the furniture upstairs?
As goods are sent by courier they can only be delivered to the ground floor, so please be aware that you may need a helping hand if the furniture needs to go upstairs.
Does everything arrive assembled?
Some items do not need any assembly, however, where furniture can be flat-packed to facilitate delivery this will need to be assembled on arrival. Our couriers do not assemble furniture and we would advise you to move the new items to the room in which they will be used before assembly takes place.
What is the standard length of bed?
For 2’6’’, 3’0’’, 3’6’’, 4’0’’, 4’6’’ standard length is 6’3’’ (also known as mattress size).

For 5’0’’, 6’0’’ standard length is 6’6’’ (also known as mattress size).

If I prefer not to order online is there an alternative?
Firstly, let’s put your mind at rest – our online ordering is automated and secure. It’s much quicker than placing an order by phone, fax or e-mail because you are not limited by our business hours.

However, if you prefer to order via our customer service team, please submit the following details.

  • The product’s name.
  • The number of products you wish to order.
  • The billing address and delivery address, if applicable.
  • The promotional code, if applicable.
  • Your personal information.
  • The e-mail address for the order confirmation and invoice.
  • Your payment details for your order.

If the above information is complete, our customer services team will be able to process your order without any delay.

How can I pay for my order?
We accept ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS over the phone or online.
If I change my mind can I cancel my order?
Please contact our customer services team by e-mail and briefly explain why you would like to cancel the order – this must be done before your order is despatched.
Who should I contact with questions about my order and general information?
Our customer services team will be happy to assist you. To contact us immediately go to our Contact us page and submit the enquiry form; your message will be answered as quickly as possible.
Who is responsible for disposing of our old bed, mattress or other items being replaced?
Your local council will usually have a collection service and we would suggest they’re your first point of contact. Unfortunately, we don’t have the facilities to collect furniture or items that are being replaced.
Why does memory foam mattress appear to smell?
Do not worry, this is normal for a short period of time and soon disappears.
How do I convert sizes in feet to centimetres?
On the product page you should see question mark next to ‘Options’. Select this for more information.

Bear in mind:

  • 1 foot equal to 12 inches;
  • 12 inches equal to 30.48 centimetres;
  • 1 inch equal to 2.54 centimetres;

Are memory foam mattresses good for back pain?
Because the memory foam moulds to your body contours, it allows you to sleep in the most anatomically correct position. This relieves any pressure and provides even support for your whole body – so this should ease any aches and pains from sleeping in positions that normally place strain on specific areas of your body.
What is the difference between memory foam and an ordinary mattress?
Memory foam is heat sensitive; it feels softer when warm and firm when cold. This allows it to mould to your body as your body heat acts upon it. Normal mattresses don’t respond to temperature and, therefore, don’t change shape to suit your sleeping position. However, please be aware that cheap memory foam mattresses are usually made from a less dense material and don’t provide the same support. When you start to sink into them – you may well keep on sinking! North West Beds only offers good quality memory foam mattresses.
Are memory foam mattresses suitable for adjustable beds, automatic beds or slatted base beds?
Yes, there is no problem using memory foam mattresses on all these types of bed.

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